Beniach Constructions offers a number of services for wind farm and public sector projects.

Culvert Pipe/Concrete Box Installation

With an excavator or backhoe, we remove existing culvert pipe and replace it with new larger culvert pipe or concrete boxes.

Oil & Chip

To strengthen roads, we use an oil distributor, chip spreader, and roller to apply road oil and cover it with aggregate chips.

PCC Curb & Gutter, PCC Sidewalk

We're ready to work on new projects or remove and replace old ones.

PCC Patching Class A, B, and C

We can remove and replace concrete patches in roadway.

PCC Whitetopping

We have the expertise to rotomill to establish grade, patch, and place concrete utilizing a concrete paver with thicknesses from 5” to 6 ½”.


A 500 HP reclaimer/stabilizer grinds the existing roadway to pulverize the oil and chip roadway with the existing aggregate sub-base.

Roadway Paving/Strengthening

We use a variable-width asphalt paver to install additional aggregate in lifts up to 6" and widths ranging from 16' to 20'.

Shoulder Work

We use a road widener to install new dirt shoulders adjacent to new aggregate roadbeds.

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